PixleyPro Review

PixleyPro Review

PixlyPro Review


 PixlyPro Review…Check It Out

In my PixlyPro Review, I introduce you to the product, what it does and the benefits I share my experience with the product too.  I’ll show you the upsells and their benefits and the bonuses that come with PixlyPro.

I’ve also included some quality bonuses if you use my PixleyPro review page to purchase.

PixlyPro was created by Dan Ashendorf, Sam Okuanda, and Cindy Donovan and launched August 26th of 2018.

PixlyPro is a software that combines two of the most effective traffic strategies and does it on six sites for only pennies.

PixlyPro Review

Here Are The Benefits Of Pixly Pro


  1. It gives you Highly targeted traffic.
  2. Set it up in an hour or so. Very easy setup.
  3. PixlyPro works on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Linkedin and Quora all at once or one at a time.
  4. No technical coding needed.
  5. Siphon traffic from affiliate links, competitors websites, or any content you wish!
  6. PixlyPro will work in any niche.

PixlyPro Review

My Experience with PixlyPro 

At first as with all new products, I go to the tutorials first.  It’s in the FAQ and support section.  All over the shoulder videos that are easy to follow.  There’s a special remarketing tutorial section in the menu to teach the concept of remarketing in addition to the software tutorials.  Actually, the PixlyPro software is not complicated at all.

It has a chrome extension that spies on competitors high traffic sites and allows you to put Your call to action button on their site.

You can share posts/ ads on social sites and put your call to action button which you make right in the software.  You simply plug in your affiliate URL and PixlyPro sends your competitors traffic to your site.

If you have your 6 social media pixels set up already, you could set up shop in about an hour and be ready to rock and roll.

I like the PixlyPro software because it saves my time and my money on lead generation.  I think it’s a very ingenious way to tap into targeted traffic and drive it where you want it.

PixlyPro Review

Here is My PixlyPro Review on Video


Why Should You Buy PixlyPro

Easy and Quick Setup… It doesn’t have a huge learning curve.  You can get it up and be running in no time at all.

New Technology… Retargeting has never been done like this before with software.  It’s almost unfair.

If You Need Lots of Cheap Targeted Traffic… This is the sure way to get it.  And get it fast.

You’ll get Access To Some Quality Bonuses… that come with my PixlyPro Review in addition to PixlyPro software.

Conclusion on PixlyPro Review

Hello! My name is Robert. I am a marketer who loves making money online honestly.

My goal is to help new marketers avoid the pits in the affiliate jungle most newbies fall into.

Because of my goal, I’ll show you the best relevant information products and software available that’s helped me avoid/climb out of that pit.  Like anyone else, I’ve been there too and know how frustrating it is.

You’ll save time and money by steering your business straight from point A to B.  You just need a good map and know your location at any given time.

I was fortunate to get the BETA copy to PixlyPro to test out myself and it’s helped my business not only with the education it offers but the ease it offers in getting cheap targeted traffic. Robert Nadelin

Targeted Traffic is the gas that runs your business.  Everyone needs that gas but they don’t need to pay those high prices to get it.  PixlyPro gets you highly targeted traffic at a low price almost unfairly.

It will increase your productivity, efficiency and most of all your bottom line.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my PixlyPro Review.


You get a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work out for you.

PixlyPro Review 30 day guarantee

OTO of PixlyPro Review (Upsells)

OTO 1 of PixlyPro Review is DFY CTA templates (10). DFY CTA templates (10), Analytics, Custom URL, Team Access,

Chrome Extension, Own brand on CTA  $37

OTO 2 of PixlyPro Review is Pixelmodo  $17 per month

OTO 3 of PixlyPro Review is  Reseller Package  $97 for 25, $197 for 100

These Are The Bonuses That Come With PixlyPro


PixlyPro Review Live Coaching

PixlyPro Review Content Creator

PixlyPro Review

PixlyPro Review

PixlyPro Review


The Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset

Learn The Key To Unlock Your Potential. I am including the video upsell worth over $197.00.  

Have you ever wondered what makes some people more successful than others? Want to know their Success Secrets?
It’s really simple. This Blueprint will show you the ‘secret’ mindset only known to the world’s top achievers and successful people…
These highly successful people thrive on challenges and see failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching existing abilities.

PixlyPro Review Free Traffic Forever

If You’re planning to do business online, then generating traffic has to be your top priority.
Drive a huge amount of traffic to Your Website For Free. Here Your Taught The Top 5
Free Traffic Generation Methods. Lots of ideas and places to check out in this one.

PixlyPro Review Survey Funnel Secrets

Ready to Retarget and capture the traffic from your competitors? 

It’s time to take action on this one.

Simply click the link below to the sales page.

Again, if you buy from my page, you will be awarded all the bonuses listed above.

Click Here Now to Go To The Sales Page.  It will open a new window for you.

Thanks for reading my PixlyPro Review and I Wish You The Best Successes.

Robert Nadelin

Review by Robert


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