Paradigms and How They Affect Your Life

Paradigms and How They Affect Your Life

Paradigms and How They Affect Your Life

In this video Paradigms and How They Affect Your Life, we go into what a paradigm is. 

A paradigm is simply defined as "a typical example or pattern of something".  Another definition is "a paradigm is a widely accepted example, belief or concept".  

An example is "the earth is round" because it is accepted.  The word evolution is an example and a paradigm because it's a belief or concept.

How do they affect your life and business?  Why should you know about this stuff?

Well, it's in this video.  This video is a little longer than usual because there's a lot to get into here.

Enjoy ;)

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As I mentioned in previous episodes, Awareness is a big factor in your business.  It shows where you've been by being aware of your personal paradigm, it shows presently where you are and where you are going in the future.

Here are a couple of Extra Million Dollar Ideas on this subject

  1.  Look through the windshield to see where you are going rather than the rear-view mirror.  Keep where you are going in your site and learn by remembering things from the rear-view mirror.
  2.  Control Your Focus.  Where am I going?  Focus is the most important thing we have.  Remind yourself every day and keep your mind on what your goal is.

Other Audio and Video that may be of interest

I recommend that you check some of these things out on youtube.  Put self-development in the search.

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Thanks for reading and viewing.

You are Appreciated! 

Robert Nadelin


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