Habit Hatching

Habit Hatching

This video is about forming a habit.  Of course, we know there are good habits AND bad habits.  They are formed the same way but some have other things like nicotine, drugs, and alcohol to help them along faster sometimes. 

There are ways to break a habit after it is formed and embedded in our brains.

However, this video is how to form (hatch) a habit.

Please watch the video below and find out why.

Habits give us the power that few think about on a daily basis.  After a habit is formed it frees up the mind for other things that are important.

For instance, you learn how to drive.  While learning, your mitts are clamped tightly to the steering wheel and you are extra careful checking your mirrors.  You double check yourself all the time fearing you might do something wrong. Your braking is very jerky and you don't take corners at the correct speed sometimes. 

After some time and being more confident, you hop into your car and drive without thinking about it.  As you're driving everything seems automatic.  Your mind is freed up so you can think of other things like picking up a loved one at the mall and going to the store to get items you need for dinner the next 3 or 4 days.

You even start daydreaming while you are driving to that mall.  Why?  You are driving by habit. 

Now someone pulls out in front of you unexpectedly.  While putting on the brake, you're checking your rearview mirror for the tailgater behind you that you noticed a few blocks back. 

When someone pulled out in front of you, a reflex happened and immediately the thinking cortex of your brain took over the habit part. Everything's cool this time, you're just a little startled. 

Even in business, you train yourself certain tasks and skills you must do.  Those skills after learning the basics become habits.  After they are habits those tasks are done without thinking much about them.

That leaves your mind free to think about deeper stuff...making more important business decisions.  Maybe improving on some of your skills or new skills you need.

So now you can see why forming good habits is a powerful thing in everyday life and in operating your business.  Habits make us powerful human beings.  

By the way, the book I was referring to in the video was called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg.  I have it on audible on my phone and am in the habit of listening to audible every time I drive somewhere by my self.  I'm also in the habit of reading self-improvement books 1 hour per day.

If I don't do it, something is missing or wrong about my day.  Something inside nags at me to do it.  That's a habit for you.

Thanks for Reading and Watching my video.  I hope this helps you in some way.

Robert Nadelin




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