Fun With Funnels and A Hidden Secret

Fun With Funnels and A Hidden Secret

Fun With Funnels and A Hidden Secret


In my Fun With Funnels and a Hidden Secret post, we discuss a formula for confidence because I've received a few emails on this subject.  I thought it important to start the video out with this subject.

In the Fun With Funnels and a Hidden Secret we start out the discussion with the Three Revenue Buckets and why they are important to understand in Affiliate Marketing or any marketing for that matter.  How will they be used in your funnel?

We review the strategic sales methods of the professional way to do your marketing and then we get into the funnel aspect.

I discuss things like the front end and back end sales.  What is an upsell and a downsell and why are they used?

Where is your business located on the strategic map and whose business are you really promoting. This is very important to know. 

What is the difference between owning your funnel and using your vender's funnel?  The secret lies in the answer to this question.

Please watch the video to answer all these questions as I have it all drawn out for you.  It's really easy to understand.

I forgot to go over what a Bump is so I'll write a little about it here. 

A Bump is found sometimes on the money page where your customer checks out.  For instance, you're selling a ladies purse.  On checkout, you put a clickable picture of a matching ladies billfold with the price and ask your customer if they'd like to include it in the sale.

Enjoy :)


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