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Below is Free training programs offered by Four Percent that teach the important things most successful marketers know.

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Facebook PPC Secrets

Learn how to attract more clients, get more sales, and grow your business using Facebook video ads.

Taxes & Business Structures

One of the top CPA’s in the USA, Jack Cohen talk about taxes, business structures, and how to keep more of the money you’re earning as an entrepreneur.

The 5 Laws

This program will help you become a better version of YOU. Recorded at one of FourPercent entrepreneur events, Tony Horton shares his 5 laws.

Wealth Building Blueprint

This program will change your life. Learn the exact strategies rich people follow to get, protect, and grow their money - ultimately, creating wealth and lifestyle most only dream about.

List Building Strategies

Learn how to build a massive list of subscribers that you can communicate with and who will be eager to buy from you.

Creating Legacy

Get ready to be moved, inspired, and re-motivated about your vision, goals, and life. Les Brown gives you the energy you need to take your business and life to the next level!

Fan Page Domination

Learn how to build and monetize large facebook audience in virtually any niche using this specific ‘Fan Page Domination’ method.
Using this method, Anthony was able to build an audience of over 15 million fans across multiple fan pages that earned him millions of dollars as result.

Irresistible Influence & Persuasion

Learn directly from one of the world’s top Influence & Persuasion trainers on how to become the master of influence in selling, speaking, presenting, and more!

You're Enough

Learn how to become more confident, speak more powerfully, and take your game to the next level from a world-renowned celebrity and the queen of infomercials - Forbes Riley!

Instagram Secrets

Learn strategies and get solid ideas from Instagram's biggest influencer Tim Karsliyev. Instagram is one of the biggest networks in the world today and is still growing rapidly.

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