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Most of us have dreams when we’re young

I wanted to be a train engineer.
While I was in my informative years my Dad and Mom owned and managed their own restaurant. They served full meals as well as sandwiches and did catering to parties.

I learned to wash dishes, wait on tables and learned to work in a concession trailer on weekends at livestock auctions. I helped set up for wedding receptions when we had them.

Who Impressed You?

When I was a teenager, I was impressed by my stepfather. He built and owned rental properties. His tenants came in and paid rent at the kitchen table. He never had to go to work or have a boss at least while I was living there. All the repairs to his complex he did himself.

I  joined the US Air Force as a carpenter after graduating from high school.

While I was in the Air Force, I took night classes studying Real Estate and accounting with some business admin. I then got a TX Real Estate salesman license and practiced real estate while in the AF.

I purchased 5 houses I could convert into duplexes with the help of VA loans and some savings while I was in TX. I had my own little business going on there. I was selling houses to people on base. I got a lot of serious notice by the higher-ups.

A Big Change of Uncertainty Comming

I gradually lost interest in being in the AF. The AF seemed to be in my way after 10 years in.

I thought I could do better on my own even after objections from my superiors. They said you’re halfway to retirement. You’re crazy for getting out now!

It’s a being my own boss kind of thing, you know?

After I got out of the AF we moved to North Carolina.

I obtained my broker’s license after about 6 months of taking NC real estate classes.

I bought houses and fixed them up for rentals and managed other people’s properties for them. I built and developed real estate with partners building apartment complexes, retail strip centers, and small office buildings.

I put together 2 laundry mats and operated them for a while until I sold them.

A Big Lesson I Learned I Didn’t see Comming


After about 15 years of doing this the bank, we were doing business with went belly up. My financial institution gave all their assets to a receiving bank to handle and guess who’s properties were part of those assets.

I learned a valuable lesson here that you never finance everything with one bank. If I would have diversified the lenders this could never happen.

The receiving bank made their own appraisals on my properties and determined I was upside down. (Meaning my equity wasn’t high enough for them to finance.) They changed the loans from a 30-year term to 10 years leaving me nothing to live on.

I tried to refinance with new appraisals but no avail. All finance companies were in trouble at the time and didn’t want to touch new loans.

So…I was forced into bankruptcy. Go figure right? Everything I worked for just simply got dissolved.

I then recalled back at what my AF superiors said to me. Did I mess up? I could have retired by now and had a nice cozy military pension.

A Big Change I Didn’t Really Think Out


I always wanted to travel so I decided to learn how to drive 18 wheelers. I graduated from truck driving school and got a JOB driving truck.

I liked driving.  It was so carefree at first.  Just kick back on the open highway listening to tunes and talk shows.

The problem was after a while I realized it was mostly a job I was chained to.

I trained others after a year for a while but I longed to be self-employed like I was before.  

So, I bought my own tractor and reefer trailer. (for refrigerated freight) I obtained my own authority and contracted with various freight broker companies by the job for about 15 years.  You had to dicker with them to get good prices to haul their freight but that was fun too.

I Made It a Family Thing


My daughter age 31 at the time wanted to join me as a driver so after her training, she was on the truck with me. You know…it’s lonely out there by yourself.  At least it was for me and I was glad to have her join me on the truck.

That, of course, led to grandchildren going with us.  It was a lot of fun and experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything.

After about a decade and going through 2 trucks, it was hard for me to see while driving at night and the maintenance on the newer truck I bought was killing me.

I was pretty much burnt out and wanted to be home more.  

You know…I didn’t realize it so much at the time, but time is a commodity that you spend and can’t get it back.  Looking at it now I realize that I was chained.  I really didn’t have my own time for recreation as I wanted regardless of being my own boss.

I was simply in the wrong business.  I needed something that makes money while I sleep.  Like investments that after you have them they work for you.  

So… I’m now semi-retired. (Pun intended)

My Next Big Life-Changing Adventure


That’s when I started internet marketing in 2016.

I went after every shiny thing like a fish going after a shiny lure. All I knew at the time was how to send an email and look on load boards from the computer to find loads.

I tried this and that and wasted a lot of my money. But I picked up some skills.

I was totally unfocused and following everything with no results. I was quickly burning through our money and getting absolutely no results.

I needed structure. I needed a step by step plan or guidance as to know what to do to be successful. 

In truck driver terms, there were all these roads but no map.  I was clearly lost. I needed one plan to follow by someone who’s successful at internet affiliate marketing and that someone could mentor me. I need to find someone genuine. A trusted guide. 

It’s hard to find someone because they all say they’re successful and only give you part of the training needed.

A piece or two of the puzzle but never what the big picture looks like and where to put your puzzle pieces. 

When you bite for their great plan ( because it sounds great) you find it’s incomplete. They win and you lose by holding the bag of seemingly worthless incomplete plans with no results.

I Actually Found Some Structure


Then one day I found something that appeared to be just what I needed. I was very leery about spending any more of our money.

There was this guy teaching on a whiteboard and he seemed to have a genuine plan that made sense.  Something much different than the others. 

His demeanor was different.  He wasn’t pushy and was simply teaching part of his marketing plan.

The puzzle this time was a complete picture.  It was a plan to put all the pieces together and showed the pieces I didn’t need!  

To me, Vick seemed he cared if you succeed. It’s a very structured way of doing internet marketing that makes sense with the concrete mindset to be successful.

This training program takes you by the hand with a laid out daily step by step plan. 

It’s all video training with our mentor and trainer Vick Strizheus.

There are support groups in the system that help when you have questions or stuck that are second to none. They answer your questions within a minute or so.

Each day we get a structured plan of what to do and how to do it. Your mind is changed and you see things from a totally different perspective.

This must happen if you’re going to be successful.

The 4% Success Challenge


It’s called The Success Challange. Phase one is 10K. Phase two is 100K. Phase 3 is 1M. You have to complete phase one before you graduate to phase two and so on.

There is a metaphoric success pill you take each day with your training. Some of us say Dr. Vick prescribes it to us. It’s a special blend of different pieces of training we need each day to be successful with our laid out action plans and mindset.

It’s perfect for learning affiliate marketing selling other people’s quality products and it is working. You earn as you learn. They don’t teach this in college. Not like this.

Oh, by the way, this pill is not FDA approved and it is addictive. LOL

But it’s not a physical pill you take, but one that you get each day  metaphorically speaking in your training. You get one a day and no more.

Work Through It At Your Own Pace


Of course, you can and should go at your own pace and make sure you understand and do each lesson thoroughly.  Sometimes you need to review to make things sink in.

That’s what each lesson is. A Success Pill that changes your mindset while you learn strategies and how to do things in an orderly fashion to be a successful affiliate marketer.

When learning about affiliate marketing in the Four Percent Success Challenge program you can only fail if you quit or you don’t follow the instructions. You have to ask yourself several questions here before you enroll in this course otherwise it’s not for you.

1. HOW BAD do you want to learn how to obtain 10K+ in sales and make your annual income monthly? Are you serious enough about your new lifestyle and breaking from the 9-5? Mentally most people are stuck in 9-5. ( Not dissing that mind frame because every business needs hard working loyal people to work for them.) But some people want more. Are you one?

2. Are you a quitter? Do you generally quit what you start or follow through and make it happen? Remember winners never quit and quitters never win. You have to learn a new mindset to get the new lifestyle you want in question one.

Know that you will fall down but we all had to do that when we learned to walk. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

3. Can you follow directions to the “T”?  Remember, you are following someone that’s been there before. Listen to Vick’s story and his hardships. The good thing is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just follow along and do. All the information in the world won’t help if you don’t do the required tasks.

Find Out More About The Success Challenge


So…to find out more about this great program and “Stand Head and Shoulders” above the rest and get superior training and mentoring that’s nowhere else on the internet, push the Challenge button below and meet my mentor Vick Strizheus founder of the Four Percent.

You’ll love his energy, honesty, and ability to teach you how to be successful in today’s competing online digital marketing strategies.

Take that first step now if you want to change your life and break the chains that bind you to 9-5 and step into a true freedom lifestyle by clicking the Challenge button below.

You can do this rather than watching TV at home. Consider this as your side job while you’re still employed.


Just a few words of disclaimer here:  What’s trained here is how to achieve 10k in affiliate sales. (30 days or whatever your pace of learning is.)  They don’t guarantee that you will though.  They don’t know you.

Be sure to watch the testimonial videos on the page.

Thank you and To Your Success

Robert Nadelin

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